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 is the culmination of 20 years of research and development to deliver a new and improved formula which will take organic weed control to the next level.

To produce BioWeed Ultra™ we have sourced the most pure active ingredients from sustainably farmed pine trees from around the world. Our new formula is actually 92% pine product, so you are getting maximum concentrated weed and seed destroying power in every drop, which makes it now even more economical to use.

Because of this improved formula, Bioweed Ultra™ can be mixed at much lower rates and still have the same efficacy on your targeted weeds, while also being easier to handle and pour.

BioWeed Ultra™ is easy to use, safe on the environment and will decrease weed populations the longer it is used. It’s the perfect partner in your fight against invasive weed species the next time you spray.

  • Fast Acting

    Very fast action, highly effective
  • Wholly plant derived herbicide

    Wholly plant derived herbicide that kills weed seed on the plant or on the soil surface
  • Reduce Time, Labor & Cost

    For every weed there is 7 years of seeds. Harnessing BioWeed’s seed killing power you will reduce the number of sprays needed per year by 50%-reducing time, labor, equipment and fuel input costs.
  • 3000 weed species

    Effective on over 3000 weed species, allows weed and biohazard eradication instead of control
  • Controls weeds

    Controls glyphosate tolerant and resistant weeds
  • Enhances other herbicides

    Significantly enhances the efficacy of a range of other herbicides
  • Natural pine & plant extracts

    Developed from natural pine & plant extracts making it safer for people and the environment providing long term sustainable weed control
  • No withholding periods

    No withholding periods on food crops or grazing animals as BioWeed is certified organic so has NO systemic action and is Non toxic. It cannot travel to another plant or areas that have not been sprayed.
  • Non harmful

    Does not harm the soil microbia or effect birds, bees and earthworm populations


Sustainable Formulations Group manufactures and distributes a range of environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional chemicals and agricultural inputs. We believe there is a sustainable and cost effective relationship between industry and ecology.

All our products offer the end user a genuine commercial advantage whilst making a positive contribution to environmental and human safety.

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